Brilliant lifehack to get toddlers to clean up their toys

Brilliant lifehack to get toddlers to clean up their toys

Why do children make such a mess? Sometimes it seems it's just to make you crazy. Mother Jessica McGinty from the blog Mishmash Moments came up with a brilliant lifehack to teach her children to clean up. She made a post on Facebook and it turned out that other parents were very enthusiastic about it, because her tip went viral!

Her method may sound a bit harsh, but it does have an effect: clean up your toys before bedtime otherwise you will ever see them again.

In the bucket
It is the intention that the children put their toys back in place. If they do not, the toy ends up in a bucket. If it's not cleaned up before bedtime, she throws them away.

The tip was picked up by other parents on Facebook and massively shared. Most reactions are positive:

"I have to do this at home too. I swear to you that the house is completely empty at the end of the week ", a mother jokes.

"What a good idea. I do it with my two older children and it is a success." another mother reacts enthusiastically.

Some parents said that they find it a shame to throw away the toys. For example, advice was given to donate the used toys to a good cause to teach your child a lesson.

Do you have any tips to teach your children to clean up?


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