Breastfeeding up to eight years? Sofie plans on it!

Breastfeeding up to eight years? Sofie plans on it!

The WHO (World Health Organization) advises mothers to breastfeed their child during the first two years of their lives. In the first few months exclusively, later only to supplement a normal diet. Yet there are few mothers who take this directive to heart.

Mother Sofie (40) has her own spin on the WHO guideline. She is still feeding her four-year-old son Shaye on a daily basis and plans to continue this until the boy is eight years old. Sofie wants it to be considered normal to breastfeed older children too. For this reason she has created a Youtube-channel on which she posts videos of her son while he is still drinking a breast. Her channel is not without merit: the films in which Shaye is breastfed at different locations have been viewed about eight million times!

British doctors state that breastfeeding after the second year of life has no advantages nutrition-wise. After children have become two years old, they really have enough of the nutrition they get during the day in the form of bread, milk, meat, fruits and vegetables. Sofie does not take any notice of this nutritional advice: "I mainly feed Shaye to give him consolation, to really be there for him"

Sofie gets mountains criticism over her. One of the most frequently mentioned objections is that she would do this mainly for herself, because she would not be able to say goodbye to her baby. Others accuse her of a weird fetish. They find it mainly sexually tinted. "Nonsense!" says Sofie herself.

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Sofie also gets the question if she is not afraid that Shaye will be bullied at a later time on the videos that his mother has published. She has her own personal view of this: "People often respond to bullying, as if they are helpless against it, but you are not, if Shaye were to be bullied at a school or a club, I would do something about that. I could get him out of the situation, for example, because Shaye is safe and happy, that is the most important thing in my life.

Sofie also indicates that she does not have any doubts about continuing to upload the breastfeeding videos. She hopes that, by doing this, it will be 

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