Brand new baby: how to find your routine

Brand new baby: how to find your routine

Your baby is here, now what? For nine months taking care of baby simply involved some common-sense rules - in your womb there were no tight food and sleep schedules, but your baby did have their own rhythm. For example, one baby is more likely to spin and move in the at night, and the another baby will happily do it in the evening

I still see a lot of mothers who have read books from, for example, Gina Ford. In these books a fairly tight schedule is recommended so that the baby drinks and sleeps on schedule and thus is easier to handle. For example, the baby must only drink five minutes per breast the first day to allow the nipples to harden. A baby must also wait for a feed if he demands food earlier than the schedule allows. In practice, we see that babies are already tired after half an hour of waiting and therefore start drinking less well, which in turn leads to earlier hunger later. Parents who try to apply this scheme from birth are often often disappointed after a week.

Rhythm of your baby
I understand very well that every parent also wants some moments of rest and a reasonable night's sleep, but the question is whether a tight schedule is the solution for this. A strict schedule is usually terrible for milk production. A baby's stomach is as small as a marble after birth so the baby often wants to drink all day, and usually on request. In addition, a baby sleeps lightly and briefly. This is nature's intention for the first month of life.

However, a routine can also bring peace and at the same time it is a lot more pleasant for both parents and baby. A rhythm is just like in a song: a repetition of a pattern. So when the baby wakes up, he or she can drink and after drinking, have a burp and a cuddle, and when the baby gets tired, he can go to bed.

Much cosier and easier than a strict timetable.


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