Boys are more fragile than girls

Boys are more fragile than girls

It was often thought that women and girls were the more sensitive gender, but according to research boys are more sensitive to stress factors than girls, which makes them less resilient and more sensitive.

Male babies can not handle stress factors as well as girls, as found by clinical psychologist Allan Schore from research he conducted at the University of Michigan. The simple explanation for this is that male babies are born with less hormones that regulate stress. Also, the part of the brain that is responsible for developing emotions grows more slowly in boys than in girls.

More frustration, less resilience

Girls are thus born with more hormones that resist stress factors. Boys have less, which gives them a greater chance of developing neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism, schizophrenia or attention problems. Also, they naturally experience more frustration when they are six months old and respond more to stress factors when they are twelve months, the psychologist witnessed. There is nothing strange or unpleasant, it's the normal way boys develop, so Dr. Allan Schore.

Love and hugs

Nothing to worry about, emphasizes Schore, but it's handy to know that your newborn boys, just like girls, should be kept comfortable in the first few months. They are not born "tougher" than girls, and that should be no reason to give them less attention. All babies should be comforted when they cry or when they're stressed. Love them all equally.

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