Bizarre: musical tampons

Bizarre: musical tampons

Sometimes products are launched on the market which make you ask "why?" From now on you can help your unborn baby enjoy music through an, erm, speaker in your vagina.

If you can believe the research, music influences babies in a positive way. And now it's possible to put a speaker into your vagina to treat your fetus to a nice number from Justin Bieber or a teardrop from Adele.

After sixteen weeks the baby in your womb can listen through the abdominal wall to hear muted sounds. In order to help these unborn babies enjoy music, the Institut Marquès gynecological clinic in Barcelona developed the Babypod: a tampon-shaped silicone tampon. You can insert it as a normal tampon and then connect to a music player.

Justin Bieber in your vajizzle

The vagina is like a little enclosed room that is very close to the baby, according to the clinic's website. The walls between the baby and the speaker are soft and thin, allowing the fetus to hear well. The speaker output is 54 decibels. The fetus might respond with smiles and mouth and tongue movements, according to the clinic. You can get yours from this site.

Source: Lindanieuws

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