Big brother helps his mother in early delivery

Big brother helps his mother in early delivery

10-year-old Jayden Fontenot does not yet realize how important his role was in the premature birth of his brother. "I am so proud of him. He saved our lives. "

Almost a month and a half before the due date, Ashly Moreau's waters broke. She was terrified when she realised baby was in the breech position, she told

Helping mom
Her fiancé had just gone to work and so Ashly called her 10-year-old son Jayden. She asked him to go to his grandmother who lives next to them. But she had just undergone a back operation and was not able to walk properly yet. She in turn called 911. Jayden ran back to help his mother.

"I was crying, but tried to stay calm," she says. "I told Jayden," you have to help me with the delivery of your brother and we have to go very fast, because the baby's feet are turning blue and he can not breathe. " He said, "Tell me what to do"

Ashly was bleeding a lot. According to the doctor, this was due to her placenta that was released due to premature birth.

Ashly was very fearful and tearful, but Jayden stayed calm and helped her.

Life saved
Jayden helped his brother Daxx out of the breech by gently turning him as his mother explained to him. When Daxx was born, he was not breathing. Jayden ran to the kitchen to get a nose cleaner Ashly once used for her 11-month-old daughter and rushed back to his mother and his little brother to pump some air through his nose.

The baby began to breathe at the moment the ambulance arrived and took them to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Daxx is doing well.

Act of valor
For his heroic act, Jayden was honored at his school by, among others, the mayor

Ashly: "Every time I think about it, I have to cry. I do not think Jayden realizes what he did and how important it was. "

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