Before and after a milk pump!

Before and after a milk pump!

A child is a miracle of nature, but the life of a mother is not always joy and butterflies. Breastfeeding is not always fun, as this lady shows

Breastfeeding is healthy and cheap but not always easy. Milk production does not stop if your baby is not hungry or sleeping, so you sometimes walk around with very painful breasts. If you then "overproduce" like Chi-Chi LaFlare, you suddenly have a very big cup when you wake up.

The lady, who provides a support group for breastfeeding women who want to share their milk, posted pictures on Instagram of her bra before and after the pump. "I did not know who that woman was with the huge breasts," she writes with the picture, which looks very painful. After pumping she had taken away less than a liter of breast milk and her breasts were clearly reduced.

A familiar situation, as it turns out. Chi Chi gets a lot of support from other mothers.

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