Beautiful photoset: this father delivered his own twins

Beautiful photoset: this father delivered his own twins

Births, beside being painful and scary, can also be stunningly beautiful. These pictures prove it again. This couple not only had a quiet water birth, but they were also fortunate to have a talented birth photographer who recorded the special birth of their twins.

This beautiful series of photos was taken by Robin Baker of Birth Blessings Photography & Childbirth Services. The delivery went so fast that the gynecologist could not arrive on time, so the twins' father delivered his babies.

As soon as the woman sat in the bathtub, she immediately felt pressure. Because everything happened so quickly, the birth photographer and the expectant father talked to the doctor over the phone, who gave them instructions. The father went to his wife in the bathtub to get the twins - a boy and a girl.

The couple had 30 minutes with baby A before baby B arrived. Although Baker has been in more than seventy births, she said that this was one of the most incredible moments of her career.

View the beautiful photo series below.

Source: Popsugar

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