Beautiful photo of unexpected baby born in the supermarket

Beautiful photo of unexpected baby born in the supermarket

A new mother who had no idea that she was pregnant and unexpectedly gave birth in an American supermarket, had beautiful pictures made in memory of this unique event.

Ashleigh Miller-Cross did her weekly shopping when she was surprised by contractions and ran to the toilet. Suddenly an employee from the supermarket heard a shout, they opened the door and the baby was already visible!

Fortunately the supermarket had medical facilities. She was taken to the ward and a doctor could help her with the birth of her son, Ezra.

Ashleigh told CBC news that she had no idea she was pregnant, and that she had just put on a little weight from her daughter's birth 10 months prior. What a happy little surprise!

Photo shoot as a souvenir
The supermarket has offered the mother free diapers for one year for this unexpected, unique occasion. And as a memory of the supermarket delivery a local photographer has made a beautiful photo series that can be seen on the Facebook page Love What Matters.

Do you think you'd know if you were pregnant every time?


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