Beautiful: father has plenty of time for ex-wife, for the kids.

Beautiful: father has plenty of time for ex-wife, for the kids.

It's not exactly what you want in life when you have children with someone: get divorced and then go to war with one another. This father takes it very differently. Even now he is divorced, he remains on great terms with his ex.

Father Billy Flynn Gadbois posted on his Facebook that he got up early to arrange flowers, cards and breakfast, so that his children could surprise their mother, his ex-wife, on her birthday on her birthday.

But it also works the other way around. On Father's Day, his ex ensures that their children (aged 4 and 8) have a present for him.

And of course, it is sometimes difficult for a co-parenthood to run smoothly after a painful divorce, but according to Billy it is worth a lot of effort.

Are you on good terms with your partner after a divorce? Does that take a lot of effort or do you both do your best to make the best of it for the children?


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  • DangeloDav

    Such a great and pleasant article! I have never been divorced, however I would like to believe that if it happens, we remain in friendly relationship. However according to about 70% of divorced parents are likely to end up any communication with their ex, especially if divorce wasn't amicable and involved a lot of lawyers and fights between parents.

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