Beautiful birth video goes viral

I've seen many birth videos online and they're always wonderful. But I think you can never share enough (beautiful) videos, and if there's any going viral, you really want to see them! Likewise, when I watched the video from Ngaroma Crown. Her brother in law was at the birth and planned everything in a very emotional way. He cut out the most beautiful, raw and real moments and put it to music. The result is a truly beautiful experience.

Her pain, strength and perseverance are beautifully recorded by her brother in the film.

A video reminder

Ngaroma is incredibly happy with the beautiful video and not just because her brother-in-law has made it so brilliantly. The whole childbirth is a big blur in her memory. She remembers so little that this video brings her back to that moment and helps her to recall things. "It's a great keepsake for the rest of my life," said Ngaroma.


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