Awesome! Childbirth story in hilarious cartoon form!

Awesome! Childbirth story in hilarious cartoon form!

Childbirth stories: we love them! They're even more fun when there is a visual element. We show loads of childbirth photos, but we had to laugh at the hilarious cartoons of an anonymous blogging mother.

She does not tell us who she is, but on her blog 'How we came to be' she tells her special birth story. We think you'll recognize a lot and laugh along with us.

The big event
Every woman imagines an ideal delivery. Nice and warm in the bath, with rainbows, glitter, flowers and music.'s how it actually goes...


How different was the real birth story? This mother turned out to have placenta previa, which meant she could not give birth vaginally. Moreover, she suffered from very high blood pressure ...

Then she went through some interesting preparations...

A catheter here...

And then it was time...

There it is!

When your blood pressure doesn't go down, you need to stay at the hospital. Oh and remember to relax.

But no matter how you feel as a mother, the baby must eat. And if breastfeeding does not start automatically, you can count on help from a lactation consultant in the hospital.

Everything comes to an end: the same goes for the visit to the maternity ward. And that's bitter-sweet.

But then you can say goodbye to the nurses and REAL LIFE can start. And that really is lovely.

We found this really touching and funny, check out 'How we came to be', if you'd like some more.

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