American mothers do not put baby in bed on their backs

American mothers do not put baby in bed on their backs

Even though it is known that a baby on their back is in the best position to reduce the risk of cot death, only 43.7 percent of American mothers put their baby in this position in bed.

3 out of 4 mothers know that it is better to put their baby in bed on their backs, but only 43.7 percent actually do this. According to a study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention among 3,297 mothers, CBS reports. Especially mothers who have not finished high school and African-American mothers often put their child in bed on their front.

Why not on the back?
But why don't these mothers put their child in bed in the recommended bed position? According to researcher Goodstein they are afraid that their child suffocates when they have to vomit. Sometimes mothers will hear from their grandparents that sleeping on the stomach brings a deeper sleep.

The study also revealed that mothers take the opinions of important people in their environment into account in their actions. If there are important people in the area who have their babies lie on their stomach, then it turns out that mothers are 12 times more likely to follow this.

Although the number of babies that die as a result of sudden infant death syndromes is falling, cot death remains the leading cause of death among babies in the United States.

In the UK, the advice is that the supine position is safest. Do you ever let your child lie on his stomach?

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