Aged father affects mother and child's health

Aged father affects mother and child

We recently reported that the sporting behavior of the father has an influence on the health of his child, now there's something else. Research shows that the age of the father also has an effect on the health of his child and even that of the mother!

If a woman is older than 35 and becomes pregnant then it is known that this may entail some health risks for the child and the mother. But now it appears that the age of the father also plays a role. It emerged that fathers older than 45 years are more likely to have a premature baby and that there is more chance of complications during birth, such as too low a birth weight.

For the study, more than 40 million births between 2007 and 2016 were studied by researchers at the Stanford Medical University. It is the first large-scale study that has been done on older fathers.

More complications
Men older than 45 years are 14 percent more likely to have a premature baby compared to fathers between 25 and 34 years old. Men older than 50 are 28 percent more likely that their baby needs emergency care. If a man is over 55 then there are more and more health risks at the birth of their child.

Health mother
What is striking is that the research shows that the age of a man also affects the health of the mother. Women with an older partner were more likely to develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. If the partner is older than 45, the risk of gestational diabetes is as high as 38 percent. How this is possible is not entirely clear.


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