Advice on how to not lose your children

Advice on how to not lose your children

Since seven in ten children lose their parents in a busy crowd or elsewhere in public, it is important to make arrangements in advance. Are you going to a busy city with your child for the first time? Then give him or her these instructions!

Know the names of your parents and their phone number
If you ask a child under three what his parents are called, you usually hear 'papa' and 'mama'. So there's nothing to be done when a stranger tries to help your child. Practice your names endlessly with your child. The phone number you can try to ram in by making a song for example. To be on the safe side, you can also put a note with your names and telephone numbers in all your child's coats and say that if he does not remember, he can give that to a rescuer.

Stay close to your father and mother
You can not tell them often enough to them: "Give me your hand when we're in town and stay close." Or, "If you can see us, we can see you too."

If you are lost, stop where you are and call
Children are often not allowed to scream in public, but in this case make it clear to him or her that you have to stay where you stand and shout your name very hard or simply call 'daddy' and 'mom'.

Look for a mother with children and ask for help
If screaming does not help, your child can look around for help. Statistically, it is safest to find a woman with children for help. She can call you or your husband if your child knows the phone number by heart or has a note. If your child is lost in a store, he or she can also ask a store employee for help.

Know that it's okay
Almost all children who are lost are found again - we do not talk about the scary kidnapping stories now. Tell your children that they should not hide when they are afraid and that they should not leave the area. 

It is not easy to talk about this with your child, after all you do not want to frighten them, especially if they are anxious.  Do not punish your child or shout at him if you've found him again - such a situation is often traumatizing enough and rarely occurs twice.

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