Advantages and disadvantages of caesarean sections in the long term

Advantages and disadvantages of caesarean sections in the long term

A breech presentation or multiple birth can be reasons for having a Caesarean section. But what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of a caesarean section in the longer term?

To answer this question, 30 million cesarean sections were reviewed for recent research published in PLOS Medicine. The aim is to inform women better about the medical consequences of a Caesarean section.

"We hope that the results of the research will lead to better informed patients about the longer-term risks both for themselves and for their child," said one of the researchers.

Benefits for the mother

  • 71 percent suffer less from weak pelvic floor muscles.
  • 44 percent suffer less from incontinence

Disadvantages for the mother:

  • 74 per cent have a higher risk of a previous placenta in subsequent pregnancies.
  • 17 percent have a greater risk of miscarriage in subsequent pregnancies.

Risks for babies:

  • 59 per cent have a chance of obesity once they have reached the age of five.
  • 21 percent are more likely to develop asthma around the age of twelve.

Extra information
The authors of the study emphasize that "the results should be interpreted with some caution." This does not automatically mean that you will get an overweight child if you have had a cesarean section, or anything else. You can see it more as information that you can keep in mind if you decide that you want a caesarean section.

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