Admit it: parents secretly do these 12 things...

Admit it: parents secretly do these 12 things...

Do you ever find yourself in a somewhat embarrassing situation when you are with your children? Take comfort: you are not alone. These 12 things every parent does.

- You have "accidentally" lost an extremely loud toy. And you're still helping him or her search, while you know that it's right at the bottom of the bin.

- You have tried your own breastmilk. Just to taste how that actually tastes.

- You sometimes pretend that you do not smell the horrible stink from the diaper of your little one, if your partner is nearby. You naturally hope that your partner will notice this stench and you will not have to change a diaper for once.

- You have used your child as an excuse for not having to do something. "No, I'm sorry I can not come to your birthday, Aunt Wilma, I have to go to the parents' evening at little Peter's nursery." Or you go to a party, but use your child to go home soon: "Well, children have to go to bed early, such a shame! "

- You have ordered a children's menu in a restaurant, just because you were hungry for it yourself. Your child can eat a few fries from your plate, but definitely not the chicken nuggets. ;-)

- You have sometimes shaken your child's shoulder in a panicked tone to see if he or she was still breathing, but not too roughly just in case they wake up...

- You have once done a fart and blamed your child for it.

- You have been so tired that you fell asleep on the couch and stayed there until you were awakened by your little one at around 4 o'clock in the morning.

- You have sometimes looked back in astonishment at the pictures of your own child as a newborn, because they were secretly not as cute as you had in your mind. Of course it is your own children and therefore the best in the world, but admitted: just after the birth, that little face just looked swollen and wrinkled ...

- You have googled the name of your child's new boyfriend (and his parents!) To see if they are ex-prisoners or drunkards.

- You have once said to your child that certain foods were not suitable for children, so that you could eat it yourself. Think for example of luxury chocolates. "No, honey, that's alcohol and you can't have it."

- You have sometimes had your child's snot accidentally fall into your mouth. YUCK.

How many can you tick off?

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