A post in honor of post-pregnancy bodies

A post in honor of post-pregnancy bodies

It goes like this: you have just given birth, then you are asked if you are pregnant! And when you tell me that you have just given birth, you see them thinking: "Why is she still so big?" This mother thinks that post-pregnancy bodies deserve a little more honor.

Shortly after Whitney Dwyer had given birth, she was regularly asked if she was pregnant. Soon enough she got fed up with this. Everyone seems to think that your baby-body disappears overnight, but it is quite normal that this takes some time or perhaps will never quite return in the same way.

A safe place

That's why she founded a blog: My Post Baby Body Life. A safe place where women can embrace their bodies after giving birth.

Women share their story
Whitney wants women to feel good about their body and she has already gathered a number of mothers who share their story:

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