A mother would solve it if she was interrupted during an interview

A mother would solve it if she was interrupted during an interview

Have you seen the video in which the American scientist Robert Kelly was interviewed by the BBC, but that he was disturbed by his own children and the babysitter while he did his story live on television? The video went completely viral and a lot of parodies were made. But this one was the most striking!

This video was made by a mother in which she shows how a mother would solve it if she ended up in the same situation. The result is hilarious and perhaps quite recognizable:

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  • EarlineSchuster

    Robert Kelly was intervened and disturbed again and again but I should mention it that she does not loss her focus. She was continuously answering the essayhave.com reviews and questions while taking care of her babies at the same time.

  • Connor-Treloar

    This video is totally hilarious. The shocking reaction of little girl are very cute. It was so obvious in https://craftresumes.com/ video that how brilliantly a mother can solve such problems with so convenience. I cannot stop my laughter now.

  • Sincere-Parker

    Mother is the most blessed and kind character in the world. They don't get furious over the silly acts of their kids. I just watched the video and he has a good point to deal with her kid in beautiful manner.

  • Ashwink

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