A laugh: office worker accidentally steals breast milk

A laugh: office worker accidentally steals breast milk

Everyone who works at an office with a shared refrigerator instead of a canteen knows the phenomenon: you put your lunch in and then someone else eats or drinks it. Sometimes even if you have written your own name on it! However, this office thief will think twice next time ...

When a woman discovered that a sneaky colleague had been using her 'coffee creamer' all week, the woman decided: whoever laughs last, laughs best.

What she did? She stuck a note on the bottle in the fridge to let the thief know that he was not using coffee milk, but that he ... drank her own milk!

The photo of the note was shared on Facebook and had more than 12,000 likes and 2500 shares in just three hours.

There were funny reactions to the Facebook post as' I would figure out who it was and ask for money for the good nutritional supplement that he / she has now received for free 'and' I bet he / she felt great all week, but not knew why '. Others said that breast milk in coffee is not even that abnormal. 'If I no longer have coffee creamer or creamer, I use breast milk - it is seriously the best coffee milk', wrote a Facebook user.

The only question is: would there really have been breast milk in the bottle? We do not think so. But it is a hilarious joke!


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