A happy teacher means happy children

A happy teacher means happy children

Children who think their teacher or teacher are happy are also happier more often. "That goes hand in hand," says Professor Guido van Hal, who authored a study by the University of Antwerp in De Standaard.

It turns out that giving out happiness as a teacher can have a bigger influence than you might think.


In the province of Antwerp, 13,871 students from 163 primary schools were asked how happy they were out of ten. Seventy percent gives themselves eight or more. Between boys and girls there is no difference and also between younger and older students.

Furthermore, children with a mobile phone, smartphone or game console are not happier than children without those gadgets.

Is your child at school and happy with teacher? Are you a teacher with experiences to share?

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  • Charlessimmons

    A happy teacher means happy children, yes it is ture. But i want to know that what you think about it, You have to share your thoughts with me because i want to know what is in your mind and what you think for https://xpertwriters.com/if-i-were-a-scientist-essay-sample/. Which type of happiness is important which you demand mostly from your teacher.

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