A great trick for getting your baby to be quiet!

Every parent who has walked with a screaming baby for more than ten minutes understands the importance of a way to comfort your little child quickly. Nothing is more frustrating or harder than the inability to comfort your baby. But we have a good solution!

We got the video from pediatrician Robert Hamilton. In the video he demonstrates 'The Hold' (as he calls it!). The baby in the movie cries, and Dr. Hamilton takes the little guy in a special way and wobble back and forth. Within a few seconds the baby is quiet. 

According to Dr. Hamilton must take note of the following points:

1. Fold the arms gently over each other
2. Make sure you hold the arms gently
3. Tighten the part of the diaper with your stronger arm
4. Keep your baby at an angle of about 45 degrees and shake him or her back and forth

Have you ever tried the 'The Hold'?

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