9 ways to take revenge on your children

9 ways to take revenge on your children

Taking revenge can be so delicious every now and then. Especially on your kids! How to take revenge for those endless sleepless nights and crying attacks? We will give you some tips.

* And yes, this article is meant in fun. *

Tell your child that the color of his eyes changes when he is lying. Take a look at how much effort they have to look straight into your eyes. 

Give them a job that hates you and convince them that they can do much better than you or dad. 

Tell a great lie about an old man who brings presents every year and check that he / she behaves well. It seems that everyone does this without  guilt.

Change your child's role for five minutes. Say: "I'm the child and you the mother." They'll think it's a great game until you hang on their legs continuously, hysterically crying or constantly shouting for candy.

If they are about 16, then tell them how they are made. Bonus points if their friends are also present.

Drop your kids off at school while wearing a bathrobe and Crocs. You know, for all those days at the supermarket that they insisted that they wanted to look like a homeless cat.

Give them a grapefruit when they think it's an orange. Trust me: it's hilarious.

Have a song and dance around the house if they're still asleep when you wake up.

Become grandma.

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