9 things to do before your baby is born

9 things to do before your baby is born

When the end of the pregnancy is in sight, the house is probably spick and span and the baby setup is complete. Have you already done these things? It pays to double-check...

1. Put a waterproof sheet on your mattress
First things first, waters often break at night. You do not want your nice boxspring to go to the dump if your waters break on it.

2. Design birth announcement cards
You do not have time for this in after the birth so you better have it ready. On most sites you can design the card completely, so that you only need to add name, weight and date of birth after birth.

3. Collect addresses
If you have designed the birth announcements, you must of course have a list of people who receive the card. Collect the addresses on time, this is not something you want to do on maternity leave.

4. Take a pregnancy course
Pregnancy courses are available in all shapes and sizes. Choose one that suits you, you will really benefit from it during the delivery. A partner class is also recommended, so the person who is present at the birth can help you by giving counter pressure to the pelvis, for example.

5. Pack your flight bag
Have it ready! The nice thing about this is that you can take the first outfit of the baby.

6. Make a birth plan
A birth plan is important for the midwife and possibly for medical staff in the hospital. Especially if you have special wishes, for example, no painkillers or in the bath.

7. Wash the baby clothes
Wash all purchased and given baby clothes before use. Baby skins are super sensitive and clothing can contain substances that irritate the skin.

8. Install the car seat
Put the seat in the car, so that you do not forget when you have to go to the hospital. Then you also know how it works with the belts and belts.

9. Datenight
Because you will probably not have time for this in the coming months / weeks. Enjoy as much as possible of your partner and the time you have together. Or give him a nice present. The mother is overloaded with gifts during the pregnancy and fathers are sometimes forgotten. Make sure he feels special too.

What would you like to do before birth?

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