9 delivery tips for fathers

9 delivery tips for fathers

Hey, Dad, you may not have to do the heavy work, but can certainly play a major role in childbirth. No idea what that means? Here's some advice.

Know the facts
If your wife joinds a pregnancy course, go to the partner class. Here you will learn how you can support her physically and mentally during the delivery. Also go to the information evening with the midwife. This is where all medical facts are told, how everything works and what possibilities there are to combat pain. This way you will not be faced with surprises.

No rush, stress or whining
From the moment the contractions begin, it is important that you keep as as calm as possible. Stress can slow down the delivery so make sure the environment is zen-like. This is easier at home, but can certainly also be done in the hospital. Dim the light, put on soothing music, relax. Try not to criticise if at all possible.

Prepare for a long ride
The delivery can be over within a few hours, but can also take days. Prepare for the worst case and make sure you have enough entertainment. Your wife may be in intense pain and doesn't have time for someone who is yawning and bored.

Ask questions of the medical staff
If all goes well, the mommy to be is completely in her own bubble and she does not fully understand what is being said in the delivery room. Listen carefully to the medical staff and ask them all questions that arise. That way the situation is clear to everyone.

Relieve pain during contractions
If you have attended the partner course, you may have learned some tricks that can help. For example, you can put pressure on the pelvis or help with breathing.

Provide distraction
Get her through this hard time with some distraction. For example, tell her a  story, so that she is distracted by contractions.

Help with pushing
This is a tricky one, because in principle there's not much you can do. That's why it's in the little things. Hold her hand out so she can squeeze it, make sure she is well and heed the doctor's advice.

Prepare for mess
You did not expect the child to come out completely clean, of course, but there is a chance that you will also see other things. Stitches, lots of blood, the umbilical cord and maternity bandage in large underpants. Some men find it all beautiful, others are shocked. After my birth the placenta was placed next to my boyfriend and he described it softly as 'something he would rather not have seen'.

After birth
Your wife has worked hard to bring your beautiful child into the world. You can be proud of her and she can be too. Take good care of her in the maternity period and give her many compliments. And, of course, enjoy your newborn baby together!

Have you already prepared for the delivery?

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