8 things all new moms need to know

8 things all new moms need to know

Congratulations! You are pregnant for the first time or have just become a mother for the first time. There will be a lot of change in your life and to prepare you for that, we have listed some things here.

Remember: it'll be fine! 

1. Nutrition
Whether you want to give your baby breast or bottle food: everyone has a strong opinion about it and not everyone sweeps it under the rug. Because of hormones and because of your own insecurity as a new-born mum, you may very well lose your temper with them quite spectacularly! Breastfeeding is by far the best option for your child, and should ideally at least be done for the first 6 months, but if you are unable to then don't be ashamed.

2. Breastfeeding
Did you choose to breastfeed? Then it may very well be that it is a lot trickier than you expected. The first phase can be accompanied by a lot of frustration and uncertainty. Is the milk production okay? Is your child getting enough? Does it hurt? There are few mothers who breastfeed from the first day without any struggles.

3. Crying
Have you ever heard of maternity tears? Around day 3 or 4 after giving birth you can suffer from this: crying so hard that you do not even know why. They also occur in the period soon after birth - hormones are to blame. Moreover, you must remember that you have experienced a lot of hardship in a short time: a delivery you have to recover from, lack of sleep and your whole life has changed now that there is suddenly such a fragile little person to take care of. Allow yourself the space and time to cry, even if there is no 'reason' for it. If you are worried about your crying behavior, you feel very depressed, tired and anxious, then call the midwife or GP.

4. Blood
Have you enjoyed those 9 months without menstruation? I have an unpleasant surprise for you now. As if nature wants to take you back: you will probably bleed a lot and long after giving birth. It is not at all strange to lose large blood clots during the maternity week (please report this to the maternity nurse) and to lose for another six weeks afterwards as if you are menstruating.

5. Sleep
Normally you can report sick and rest when you do not feel well. Then you sleep a lot and recover faster. After the birth, that is not possible and that was one of the things that surprised me the most. I had never thought enough about it that you would immediately be thrown into the deep when you had a baby. "Congratulations, you have a 24-hour delivery, we have stitched you together again and now you need to breastfeed every 2 hours to your new and hungry little one!" When you can sleep well you do not know, but keep hope: it will be fine. Finally.

6. Postpartum cramps
If you thought that the contractions would be over after the birth, then again I have an unpleasant surprise: there is such a thing as after-pains. A sadistic joke of mother nature where your womb after the birth (sometimes even a few days later) tries to get back to its original size.

7. Uncertainty
It is very normal that question absolutely everything you do and every choice you make. You will bother your mother, friends, neighbors or GP a few times a week with questions you never expected to worry about. Does your child eat enough? Poop enough? Is it too hot? Oh, he snores, what disease does he have? Every mother goes through the same.

8. It takes a village ...
To raise a child. I have often heard and read that sentence during my pregnancy and I can only agree with that. It is wonderful to be a mother, but it is sometimes also overwhelming and and it helps to know that you can rely on others to help you.

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