8 horrific future scenarios about your baby that you are already worried about

8 horrific future scenarios about your baby that you are already worried about

When your baby is born, you promise to always protect it, but fact is: this is not possible. Your child will be hurt, suffer pain and make mistakes. And the older he or she is, the greater the worries will be. Here are 8 scenarios you worry about and can't really do anything about...

That he or she gets a (life-threatening) illness
As soon as your baby is in your arms, you have one big concern: protecting him or her from the outside world. Your biggest fear is probably that you lose him or her. For example, to a deadly disease. There's nothing you can do, and that is perhaps the most frustrating and frightening aspect of it.

That he or she is being bullied
It is heartbreaking: watching as a mother how your child is being bullied. He did not do anything? Why are they doing this? Ideally you would like to give those children a hiding, but you know that you only make things worse. Here too you will not be able to do much except try to make your child resilient and strong. You can't protect them forever, but if you make them anti-fragile then they can protect themselves.

That she falls for a badboy
Proud mother of a girl become? In addition to all the fun things that come with raising girls, you will undoubtedly also quickly get oppressive visions about badboys, and rapists in the bushes. Fortunately, this horror scenario is unlikely but making sure she has good self-esteem means she won't have to find validation in some creep.

That he or she is lonely
What if he can't find a girlfriend? What if she can't find the one? What if they die in a tower at 88 having never known love? They'll be fine.

A broken heart
His or her very first broken heart; you are already worrying about it. Because perhaps you know from experience how deeply unhappy you can feel at such a moment. And that the pain does not last for a week, but a few months. Minimum. And how can you protect against it? Nothing at all. Fortunately, you also know from experience that he or she will get over it, even though right now they're just listening to breakup songs!

That he or she gets in a fatal accident
You have already decided that your child can never leave the house alone. Not even if he's eighteen. Or thirty. Just no. After all, a traffic accident comes from nowhere.

That he or she can't handle their finances
To financially support your little one you have already opened a savings account at birth. Because soon it will be a flop z-actor! Or an artist with 500 dollars income per month. Or just sits at home not doing a thing. You're already going grey just thinking about it.

That he or she will be unhappy
Perhaps the worst thing: what if your little baby later becomes unhappy? Just deep, deeply unhappy? And what if you can not do anything about it (which is often the case)? That day may come, but worrying about it now won't help anyone.

Which doom-laden scenarios regularly race around your head?

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