7 reasons why going on vacation with children is actually very tiring

7 reasons why going on vacation with children is actually very tiring

"Just in time" I thought when I went to Spain with my brand new family. Then three weeks later I came back to the UK with sleep deprivation and bags under my eyes. Our first holiday with my six month old baby took more energy than I expected. And this is why.

Baby in the room
First, Rosie slept with us in the room in a camp bed, which in most cases is the case when you are on vacation. In addition, she slept a lot more restlessly because it was so hot. Every time she woke up and saw us, she started crying right away.

No schedule
You are constantly on the road and suddenly have a very irregular schedule, let alone that the rhythm of your baby is still right. The baby falls asleep in the stroller in the afternoon, and when you come home and you want to relax for a while the baby wakes up full of beans.

Losing sleep
You drink a nice wine and plan on sleeping in, because hey, it's your vacation. Babies do not take your evening into account, at 7 o'clock in the morning they are ready for action again.

You do not have all your handy things from home
The baby can not play in the box or the bouncer if you have to do something. You also have a lot less toys and equipment to prepare food than at home. Everything therefore takes a bit longer than usual.

Nothing is baby-proof
Where you have covered all the sharp corners and electrical outlets at home, you can be reasonably sure your child is safe while you play. At the hotel, though, you need to chase them constantly.

You have to pack a lot more
Half of your luggage consists of things for your child. You are also constantly packing up on holiday. Because you do not want to forget anything when you're on a trip, so you have to check the bag every time for food, nappies and clean clothes.

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