6 ways in which fathers can help with breastfeeding

6 ways in which fathers can help with breastfeeding

The distribution is not entirely fair in the first few months with regard to the food supply of your newborn. You do it with love, of course, but breastfeeding is a time-consuming and energy-consuming job. With these directions fathers can also lend a helping hand.

Clean the breast pump
When you have finished your job as a dairy cow, the father can clean everything up beautifully. You have already done the heavy work and have produced a few more meals for the little one. A little cleaning work isn't so bad!

Cleaning and changing
You fill the baby with food, he cleans the diapers when it comes out!

Bring the baby to the mother
If the baby wakes up with hunger at night, fathers can not breastfeed. What they can do is pick up a crying baby and bring it to the mother.

Give the mother something to drink
Feeding women have to drink enough to prevent dehydration. Many mothers sometimes forget to drink enough. In addition, it is very difficult to pour something for yourself with a baby at your breast. Offering a glass of water is therefore super helpful.

Find a pillow
A food session can only last half an hour. If you find out during feeding that you do not have enough support, then it is nice if your partner puts a pillow under your arm.

Take care of older children
A hungry baby needs your full concentration for a moment. So fathers, please keep the other children occupied.

Does your partner do one of these things?

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