6 tips to get your baby sleeping through the night

6 tips to get your baby sleeping through the night

Have you spent the umpteenth sleepless night with your baby and have your eye-bags grown to size XXL? Maybe you need some tips to ensure that your baby finally sleeps through...

1. DO NOT change the diaper
Unless there is a mess: do not change the diaper every time your baby is awake. By being changed your baby will only become more awake and alert.

2. Make some sound
It feels a bit contradictory, but sound can cause your baby to fall asleep like a gentle rose. The sound of the washing machine, a hair dryer, a fan ... very sleep-inducing!

3. Nice and dark
Invest in good, blinded windows in the baby room. It's a bit of cost, but then you also have something. A mother says, for example, that in the spring and summer she even sticks dark paper in front of the window to keep the room as dark as possible.

4. Put many pacifiers in bed
Chances are that your baby drops his pacifier out of his mouth in the middle of the night. He will search, so make sure there are enough teats in his bed.

5. Difference between day and night
Keep the difference between day and night clear. So says mother Arianne: "During the day I make sure that we do not do too soft, because we are afraid to wake our daughter. Sometimes I place her in a bouncer near a window or I hold the light in the room when she takes a nap. So she quickly realized what the difference was between day and night and soon slept well. "

6. Warm sheets
If they have just drunk their belly full of warm milk, cold sheets are a real letdown. The solution of a mother: "Put a warm jug on the spot where your baby is when you feed your child. When you have finished feeding, take the jug away and make sure the bed isn't TOO warm."

Do you have a golden tip?

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