6 tips for a DIY photoshoot

6 tips for a DIY photoshoot

Would you like to have those beautiful newborn photos of your baby? If you are decent with a camera and want to save money you can also try it yourself. Whether it is as beautiful as a professional photographer is another matter, but here are a few tips that are worth trying.

1. Do the shoot within ten days of the birth
It's nice to capture the baby just after birth but there is also another reason behind this. The baby is still largely asleep during this period it is easier to put him in a good position while he is snoozing. If you are able, do the shoot as quickly as possible.

2. Use natural light
Make sure you take pictures next to a large window, but make sure that the sunlight is not directly on the baby. Daylight is the best for photography in the morning or in the evening, also called 'golden hour'. No matter how good your equipment is, photos never shine in bad light.

3. Provide a background
As a background for the shoot, hang a sheet or rug in the color you want, so that at least no furniture is visible in the background.

4. Place the baby on a feeding pillow
To position the baby it is useful to use a feeding pillow. On top of that you can put down a sheepskin rug to make it look beautiful on the photo.

5. Use a good camera
Of course you can also use your telephone, but you really want  beautiful, high-quality photos so get your hands on a good SLR camera. Do not you have that? Then ask in the area whether you can borrow one. Noone can refuse a new mother!

6. Ask someone to help you
With a little assistance it is all a bit easier. Is the dress pulling or is there an arm just not right? It is a lot faster if you can give someone instructions while you look through the lens or afterwards is good. In addition, you have just given birth so a little help goes a long

Did you have a newborn shoot of your baby?

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