6 nice extra perks of being a mother

6 nice extra perks of being a mother

When you become a mother, a world opens up for you. Suddenly your life is mainly about taking care of the kids. But the clichés are true - you get so much in return.

Taking care of yourself has a different meaning
Doing your makeup and your hair suddenly goes by the wayside as soon as children come along. Thankfully everyone understands and you get complimented even if you just manage to do your mascara.

You are never alone again
It is always fun and you are never alone. Whether you go to the supermarket or to the toilet, they are always there.

There is a lot to laugh about
In fact, all developments are fun, especially when they start babbling like a toddler. Undoubtedly something funny will happen every day.

Your husband is more impressed
If you suddenly put on a thong and sexy bra after the maternity underwear he will find you irresistibly sexy.

Your friends without children think you are superwoman
If you tell them you worked that day and then went to the supermarket, their mouths are almost open. How do you do that with children?!

You make new friends quickly
At first you were very picky when it came to new friendships. If she was on Angelina's side instead of Jennifer's, then you were not friends. Now a potential friend only has to have children of the same age.

What do you think is a nice extra benefit of motherhood?

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