6 methods of distraction from contraction pain

6 methods of distraction from contraction pain

"If you have a real contraction, you'll know it's a contraction" said the midwife when I asked how you can distinguish cramps from a contraction. And I've known. It lasted about thirty hours until it was over. How could you handle contractions for such a long period? Try these to ease the pain...

1. Shower or bath
Unfortunately, I did not have a bath during my birth, but I can imagine that it is very nice for relaxation and pain. From the midwife in the hospital I got the tip to shower and put the beam on my stomach, that helped a bit.

2. Counter pressure on the pelvis
A trick we learned on the yoga delivery course, giving counter pressure to the pelvis. Do not just try this on your own, but let yourself be instructed by a professional. Fun fact, when my friend began to give counter pressure to my pelvis, my membranes snapped and he cried, "Help, I have broken your pelvis!".

3. Breathing exercises
What helped me a lot during the birth were breathing exercises. I had learned them during my pregnancy yoga course. I also read a lot about breathing techniques during hypnobirthing during pregnancy.

4. Music
Are you a music lover? Be distracted by music. Put your favorite music on or take it to the hospital. And put the sound during that heavy wee just a little bit harder.

5. Massage
It may feel a bit makeshift but a massage in, jsut for example, your neck can be relaxing and a bit distracting from the pain.

6. Walk around
If you are fit enough, you can just go for a walk. I was not allowed to leave the hospital during my birth, but I walked up and down the restaurant a few times. Do not go too far, because it is obviously embarrassing if you break membranes in public or worse; soon you will get contractions.

What helped you with the pain of contractions?

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