5 things NEVER to do during a newborn photo shoot

5 things NEVER to do during a newborn photo shoot

Have you just had a baby and are you thinking about booking a newbornshoot? Good idea! That first few weeks of your child go by so fast, it is super precious to capture them with beautiful pictures. Have you already searched for a newborn photographer? This overview may help a bit: a photographer who does these five things is someone whose services you shouldn't use.

1. Force a pose
It is true that babies are very flexible and can easily be placed in beautiful postures, but the flexibility of a baby's body also has boundaries. Moreover, babies just do not like some things. I have the maxim: if I feel that a baby is resisting, then I do not continue, but I stop that pose. The comfort of the baby is the most important thing.

2. A cold room
You always hear from the maternity nurse: keep your baby warm. Then of course it is also unsafe if your child is suddenly in a cold environment for two hours during a newbornshoot. Moreover, a newborn is not really comfortable sleeping if he or she is cold. The ideal temperature for a newborn shoot is 28 degrees. But to heat the whole house so warm is also not convenient. That's why I always have a heater. So ask for that when you book a newborn photographer.

3. Blowing hot air onto your child
The opposite of a too cold room is hot air that blows directly on your child. If a newborn photographer takes a space heater, it should never be directly aimed at your child. This type of thing can cause very serious burns.

4. Constantly make the mother assist
As a mother you have not really recovered yet after the delivery, especially if you have had a caesarean section. If you stand on your legs for too long, you may become unwell, especially in a very hot environment. A newborn photographer will therefore ensure that you can sit quietly and see how the photos are made. Of course I ask the mother if she can hold her child for a while, for example, while I change my background, but I really make sure that I do not need assistance every five minutes. A good newborn photographer thinks ahead and has all the stuff at hand.

5. Planning too little time
A newborn baby usually has no fixed rhythm. A newbornshoot therefore usually takes a lot of time. There must be enough time for cuddling, appeasing and maybe even feeding. A photographer who wants to be ready in an hour will hurry. An impatient photographer is an imprudent photographer. I always count on two hours for a shoot and sometimes it even takes longer. 

Did you do a newbornshoot?

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