5 things mommies keep secret from their child

5 things mommies keep secret from their child

So, you're doing your best as a mother right? But sometimes you do some little silly little things behind the back of your child that he or she does not need to know. Just, to make it easier for yourself. You also have to think about yourself every now and then!

Secretly chomping chocolate.
When it comes to sweets, you are a strict mother. As little as possible sugars and E-numbers for your little one! Candy stores you walk around when you are out with your youngster and you try to substitute with fruit. But hey, fortunately there is such a thing as a child's bedtime. Thank God, because you were craving for that delicious chocolate bar with hazelnuts. Is the coast clear? Time to pillage your candy drawer!

Using your child as an excuse to come out under an appointment
'Friday evening? Oh uh ... no sorry, my babysitter always has tennis lessons on Friday night. "What a shame!" Or a good one if you do not feel like last-minute: "Yes, sorry, Olivier got sick today, so annoying!" Don't try to say you've never done it!

Choosing an extra short story or quickly coming up with an improvised ending
Reading your child a story before bedtime, always lovely. A nice time for you together. But your favorite show is just about to start, so you close with "And then they all died. End." No, of course, we are joking. But you can now come up with an accelerated, creative ending yourself ...

Say that the iPad battery is empty
"Mama can I play with iPet?" Time for an excuse! The battery is empty. It's broken. There is a virus. It doesn't really matter what, just think on your feet! The same applies to the TV. Broken. Malfunction. Well, what a pity. And hey, when your child's in bed you got it working again!

Irritating toys and clothes that you find ugly throw away
Toys with sound: hell. Everything you can stumble across: irritating. Unfortunately, your children love them. You can lay down to your fate and surrender every day to that horror toy. Or ... you can also accidentally store that toy in a secret cupboard in the attic. Oops!

Admit it: who is guilty of any of these?

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