5 signs that your child is spoiled

5 signs that your child is spoiled

Ideally no one wants a spoiled child, but we all know them, but we all know plenty of spoiled children. Your child is probably spoiled if she ...

Has tantrums
You do not buy candy in the supermarket and it is time again. Almost every child has a tantrum, but does your child scream himself blue?

Not helpful
Would your child often not help with chores he does not like? For example, does he let all other children clean up and refuse to help?

Does not want to share
That your child does not want others to play with her new doll is quite logical, but does your child want to keep everything to herself when it comes to cookies or christmas gifts, for example?

Does no want to just play nicely
Does your child need constant attention from you or others? Refusing to play alone is a good example of the need for continuous attention.

Ignoring you
Ignoring is the height of disrespectful behavior. Do you ever try to discipline your child and they simply ignore you? He may be spoiled!

Do you know children who are really spoiled?

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