5 reasons to wear your bikini

5 reasons to wear your bikini

It is so warm, but I had to get used to wearing my bikini in public again. During pregnancy, the body naturally changes drastically and now after six months it is certainly not back to its best. But what does it matter that there are some extra pounds? Here are the reasons why you should wear your bikini.

You get a nice tan
Your new colour will make you look less tired, and the sunshine will help you top up your vitamin D.

They can be very fashionable
You have them in all shapes, sizes and in the nicest colors. If you prefer not to show your tummy, you can also opt for a beautiful bathing suit - they're very in right now.

You show a good example.
You show your children that you are not insecure and you are not ashamed of your body. They have a beautiful, confident mother with or without a tummy.

You can also cool off in the water
Sitting on the beach with your clothes and watching everyone cool down is rubbish. Take a dive yourself and you'll feel a lot better.

Nobody cares
First of all, they probably do not even see those extra lumps and secondly they do not care. And even though they did care about it? What does it matter to you!

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