5 myths you'll hear about newborns

5 myths you

As a mother you will hear all sorts of stories about your unborn baby. That their poops do not stink, breastfeeding is easy, and so on. Take this from an expert: you must not believe everything you hear.

Myth 1: their faeces do not smell

Whether you're big or small: poo stinks. This includes newborn babies. Yes, of course it has a slightly less penetrating smell than adult crap, but it's definitely anything but pleasant.

Myth 2: breastfeeding just happens

Sometimes it's really easy and just takes care of itself, but not always. I was fortunate that it went smoothly with me and that my children grew and grew, but I know enough people in whom it took a lot of effort and caused a lot of frustration. Sometimes so bad that bottle-feeding was not only better for the child but also for the mother. Reality star Whitney Port is very open in the video below about her breastfeeding problems:

Myth 3: they smell wonderful

To be honest: yes, you think your own child actually smells nice. Despite the milk that occasionally comes back or that supposedly non-stinking poo. But then it is your own child. You'll  think very differently about everyone else's children though...

Myth 4: they sleep soundly all night long

Maybe a very small percentage of newborn babies sleep right through, but in principle they sleep two to three hours before they wake up hungry again. After all, their stomachs are not able to retain food for a long time, so this is normal.

Myth 5: you learn to function on little sleep

Okay, so you have to, but it's not really what you'd call proper functioning ... I was completely on autopilot for the first months. I had a lot of trouble, especially during meetings, pretending I knew what was going on. Maybe there are people who can function on little sleep, but I think that is more of an exception.

Which myths have you heard?


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