4 ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents

4 ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents

After decades of subtle hints from your mother, who has been ready for a grandchild for years, the moment is finally there. You're expecting a baby. So you might as well make a song and dance of it!

The menu
Invite your parents to have a bite to eat at a nice restaurant. Print a menu in advance with very special day specials, such as the 'Grandma's risotto' and 'Grandad's Quattro Formaggi'. Make sure you go a little earlier so that you can instruct the waitress on time and the surprise menu is handed over to your parents.

A groceries list
Plan a cozy dinner for your parents at your home. Once they have arrived you pretend you have forgotten some ingredients before the meal. Then you flip a shopping list in their hands and ask them to go to the store. On the list are only baby jars, fruit snacks, artificial food and gherkins. Make sure they open the list before they leave the door, otherwise you will miss an unforgettable response.

In their cups
Invite your parents for a cup of coffee or a cake. Before that time, have the inside of the cups or the cake plates printed with the texts 'grandma' and 'grandpa'. You can also set your due date for clarification. The longer it takes before the cup is empty or the cake is finished, the more exciting it becomes for you.

The video call
If your parents do not live around the corner, you can always make video calls. Send a recording of your baby's heartbeat during the conversation. Tell them that you have sent them a nice song to listen to. How long will it take before they understand the hint?

How did you tell your parents that you were pregnant?

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