4 people I hated after my delivery

4 people I hated after my delivery

When you become a mother, you change yourself, your life changes and perhaps also your view of the world. This may also mean that the people around you play a different role in your life and you look at them differently. 

Certain women in my life that I first had nothing with or had a bad relationship with, I suddenly clicked much better when I became a mother. This way the bond with my own mother has suddenly been greatly strengthened; I finally understood why she always did things the way she did them. And where that concern came from. Or why she was always so strict on certain things. But other people in my life that I was always so close to? I suddenly hated them...

My mother-in-law
I always liked her and she got in with me, too. But since I gave birth we rubbed each other the wrong way. My mother knows exactly when she is too much and when she has to take a step backwards. But not my mother-in-law. I go to another room to breastfeed, she sits next to me casually and my hackles raise. At such a moment I just want to scream at her: Go. Away! Why do you think I'm going to be in another room?

My boss
I was always fine with my boss. I knew that he liked hard-working people - which employer doesn't - but if I wanted to be free or whatever, this was never a problem. But now that I am a mother and less flexible, I notice that he has the empathy of a dead cockroach. I still worked hard, maybe harder, but now I have to cycle to the nursery at five o'clock. So no, I can not work overtime. And that is why he rubs it often enough passively-aggressive. Yuck!

My husband
No, of course I do not hate him. I just want to give him a kick to his head every now and then. Like when he never takes the initiative to put the little one to bed or in the bath. For the rest it is pretty sweet. Really.

My childless friend without empathy
Of course it is difficult to imagine being a mother if you do not have children yet. I do not expect that my girlfriend understands in detail what my day looks like. But if you're still asking every week if I'm going to the pub and if I want go shopping (and getting annoyed if I do not want to) while I try to keep a child alive, on and average of four hours a night sleep and I work four days a week, you just don't seem to get it.

For the rest, I am a nice and happy mother ;-)

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