35 ideas for dates at home (while the children sleep)

35 ideas for dates at home (while the children sleep)

With a a baby, your evenings suddenly look very different. But you can still make a little time for each other! With these ideas you can even do it while still at home.

  1. Do a yoga session together
  2. Bake a cake together
  3. Take a bath with a nice bubble bath
  4. Make sushi together
  5. Give each other a foot massage
  6. Choose a country and hold a theme evening with dinner, film and music from there
  7. Plan your next trip
  8. Find your dream home on the internet
  9. Give each other a head massage
  10. Netflix marathon with popcorn
  11. Have a cheese fondue evening
  12. Finish a puzzle of 1000 pieces together
  13. Cook a new recipe
  14. Do an old-fashioned board game
  15. Have a wine tasting
  16. Create a photo book
  17. Change the interior of the house
  18. Make a portrait drawing of each other
  19. Keep a spa evening with a foot bath and face masks
  20. Learn how to massage each other the best
  21. Prepare a 4-course meal
  22. Read to each other
  23. Try out a recipe for a cocktail
  24. Dinner with candlelight
  25. Make unusual snacks
  26. Dig out old photos together
  27. Make a complicated dessert
  28. Start a bucket list together
  29. Make pizza together
  30. Do a card game
  31. Order food from your favorite restaurant
  32. View the wedding video together
  33. Write down 15 questions that you always wanted to ask
  34. Have a cheese tasting
  35. Turn off both your phones and see what happens

Do you ever have a date night at home?

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  • FisherSamantha

    I wanted to cook for my wife at home but I could not find organic granulated garlic. I called the online spice store and them aware able to deliver it to my house within an hour.

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