30 things you'd better not say to a pregnant woman

30 things you

Pregnant women are packed with hormones. And we all know that this means that the emotions can rise quite a bit .... Don't want to get your head bitten off or send tears flying everywhere? Avoid these

1. "So. A whale, is it? "

2. "Do you know who the father is?"

3. "Good luck for the next twenty years."

4. "I had to sit on a pool for six weeks after my birth."

5. "Twelve stitches. I'm telling you."

6. "Say, how do you actually function on two hours of sleep per night?"

7. "Will you continue to work? Do not you feel that you are abandoning your child? "

8. "Are you going to cancel your job? But do not we live in the Middle Ages any more. "

9. "You're on your own!"

10. "You're going to breastfeed, surely?"

11. "Since Alex and I had children, we have more arguments than sex."

12. "I bet you don't know where to start."

13. "Are you sure that your relationship can handle a child?"

14. "Was it planned?"

15. "Have you not thought about an abortion? Would it still be possible? "

16. "Know that you will never get your figure back."

17. "It seems like you're already nine months pregnant, instead of three hahahahaha!"

18. "Better get rid of your pets "

19. "My colleague had a delivery of 36 hours and now has a postnatal depression."

20. "Sometimes I secretly wished I had never jad children. But good for you. "

21. "Do you know how great the chance is that it will turn into a crying baby?"

22. "Well you can now forget that career of yours."

23. "Are you sure you already want children at this age?"

24. "Are not you a little too old to still have children? Everyone in the schoolyard will think you're the grandmother. "

25. "You're going crazy. No alcohol for nine months. "

26. "Did you know that men really do not find pregnant women attractive?"

27. "Aren't you worried about autism?"

28. "Are you sure you don't have twins?"

29. "You can really tell that you're pregnant, you're huge!"

30. "Since I had children I turned into my mother."

What is the craziest thing you heard while pregnant?

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