28 tone-deaf comments from people when you are pregnant

28 tone-deaf comments from people when you are pregnant

Not everyone is subtle when they hear the good news. Some people see pregnancy as a licence to tell you that you're fat. We've found a few doozies...

  • You only get fatter
  • Do you have twins, you are so big?
  • It gets even heavier when the baby is there!
  • Are you going to eat the placenta?
  • Would you drink coffee?
  • I would get as much sleep as possible now!
  • Are you eating for two?


  • I also had swollen ankles when I was pregnant
  • I recently heard such a horrible birthing story, they almost did not survive ...
  • Not long now, it looks like!
  • Are not you too young or old to have a baby?
  • Can I feel your belly?
  • Do you want a boy or a girl?
  • Are you going to take any pain relief for the delivery?


  • Are you sure he's the father?
  • Are you already pregnant?
  • Do you have to eat so much?
  • Was it planned?
  • Your belly is so small, is everything okay with the baby?
  • Should you eat that?
  • Hopefully it is not a girl / boy again!


  • If you breastfeed, you will lose those kilos again
  • My girlfriend is as far in the pregnancy, but she has almost no stomach!
  • Your body will never be the same again
  • Are those pimples because of the hormones?
  • You are going to breastfeed anyway?
  • You look tired
  • Wow, I did not know you'd be so fat
  • What kind of sex did recommend to you when you were pregnant?

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