28 things you think during the first trimester

28 things you think during the first trimester

You have had a positive pregnancy test, and from that moment on, it's true: a dream that becomes reality or a panic ensues.

The first trimester is a period in which you are thrown back and forth between doubts, uncertainties, pure happiness and enthusiasm. You will recognize the following thoughts if you've been through it:

- Am I really pregnant? REALLY? Okay..fifth test lucky.

- I'm too young!

- What will it look like?

- 9 months is a long time...

- Just googling: "7 weeks pregnant, chance of miscarriage"

- When can I have my scan? I want one now.

- Okay wow, this is unexpected.

- So this is my excuse for getting fatter!

- Will it be a boy or a girl?

- Time to get spending on baby clothes!

- And stock up on Calpol in advance!

- So..when is that first scan again?

- I'll just have a look at the cost of prams...OH DEAR NO!!

- Do I have a big belly already?

- Oh I don't think I can be a mom.

- I'll be a great mom!

- I'm here at work and nobody knows!

- Pregnancy bra? Too soon?

- I'm in love with baby already.

- Maybe I should have an early scan.

- Maybe this is why I'm so tired.

- Oh no, a cramp, better Google it!

- I feel the exact same...maybe another test is needed?

- I wonder what my baby looks like now.

- He's only a shrimp at the moment.

- Search for: "8 weeks pregnant, chance of miscarriage"

- Better google "chance of miscarriage after beating heart on echo"

- Do I have to paint the nursery yet?

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