25 things that every pregnant woman secretly does

25 things that every pregnant woman secretly does

Confession time! Every pregnant woman has done several things from the list below. And that's okay, and funny. Read and laugh along ...

Walking around all day with your zipper and button open on your pants.

Do not shave under your navel. Hello hairy legs!

Only drive through the McDrive to order a Big Mac menu, an extra hamburger, Mc Flurry, and another big box of Chicken Nuggets.

Dropping something on the ground and not picking it up.

Push a mirror between your legs to see what it looked like, before it never looks the same again

Scream at your shoes because they don't fit anymore.

Blame your hormones for your behavior.

Put your hand on your stomach so that people know that you are pregnant instead of fat.

Put some things for yourself on the baby list. A massage or something.

Pee your pants at least once.

Dye your hair. Experts say it should be fine, but you never tell anyone.

Cry alone. As a result of one of the following things: acne, hormones, stretch marks or a comment someone made earlier that day.

So much constipation that you are afraid that your baby will come out during the pushing.

Squeeze your nipples to see if milk comes out.

Really push your tummy out to look more pregnant.

Drinking caffeine. It was only a little bit.

Forget folic acid.

Have conversations with your stomach.

Eat a whole bowl of ice cream.

Be disappointed if the sex of your baby is not the sex you had hoped for.

Use your pregnancy as an excuse so that you did not have to do certain things that you did not feel like doing. 

Fart in public.

Wasting too much time to make the perfect 9-months-pregnant-selfie in the mirror.

Planning a sex marathon to induce labor.

Totally ignore someone, because you can only think of food.

Credit: Buzzfeed

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