25 romantic messages to send to your partner today....

25 romantic messages to send to your partner today....

Once there are children in the game, the romance in your relationship is hard to find. That might be a bit exaggerated but it can always use a boost. Are you talking to each other a little too often about poo diapers and painful breasts? Throw in some of these messages from time to time!

  1. I like it so much when you _____
  2. What do you want to eat tonight? You can choose anything, I'll make it especially for you!
  3. I really had a bad day, thanks for making it better.
  4. Am so proud of you.
  5. I really can't do without you!
  6. Do you remember when we _____? I really love you.
  7. I wish we could Netflix and cuddle all day long.
  8. When you get home tonight, you have earned a massage.
  9. I'm still smiling at what you said yesterday.
  10. I thought about you for a moment, have a kiss X
  11. I can not wait to see you and the kids again tonight.
  12. How did the meeting go? I'm really proud of you.
  13. Can't wait to go on holiday with our little family.
  14. Come home soon, I have a surprise for you!
  15. I am really proud of what we have achieved together, love you!
  16. When I see you with the children, I fall in love again.
  17. Let's fly to a tropical island together!
  18. Thank you for making such a nice breakfast this morning.
  19. I miss you.
  20. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  21. I arranged for a babysitter for tonight. Date night!
  22. Because I love you so much, I'll make _____ for you tonight.
  23. Candlelit dinner when the kids are asleep?
  24. Do you remember that we always did _____ before we had children? Let's do that again!
  25. I love waking up with you.

Do you have another example of a romantic message?

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