22 questions you don't want to hear after birth

22 questions you don

If you are pregnant, all eyes are on you. Actually, people are interested in you: your stomach, your state of mind. After birth, everyone has 80,000 questions, and they are not always fun or sweet, for example:

"You are definitely breastfeeding, right?"

"Never again?"

"But she does not look like you at all?"

"Do you get any sleep?"

"Is not it strange that he wakes up so often? I have a friend of a friend whose baby slept right away. "

"Did you have to be cut?"

"Were you torn?"

"Do you still want sex?"

"What was the best part of the birth? "

"Have you been crying?"

"No going back now huh?"

"I bet you want to get back to work soon?"

"Are you crying now?"

"Have you arranged childcare?"

"Would you recommend it"

"Now you're stuck for the next 18 years?"

"Are you wearing your old jeans again?"

"Dirk really wants to have sex again?"

"Hey, he has red hair. Is he the milkman's? "

"It's nice but isn't your life over?"

"Are you sure about her name?"

"Ah, you were lucky to only need tongs. Could have been a lot worse, don't you think? "

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