20 things you'll think on your first night with baby

20 things you

Here we are - you've delivered your baby and now he's huddled on your chest, a little beacon of joy. A while ago he was still in your belly and now he's screaming loudly.

Now he's ready to take home, and here are twenty things I thought during the first nights with my children.

  1. Why's he crying now?
  2. Ugh, I'm in pain! It seems like I'm burning down from below. Is that normal?
  3. Can I have another paracetamol?
  4. So small! Look at his hair! And his feet!
  5. Hey, a kick! Oh no, that was a bowel movement.
  6. I have to pee. But I do not want to because it hurts!
  7. Wow, this must be the most beautiful child on the world!
  8. I just gave birth! I. Have A. Baby. OMG!
  9. I do not do this anymore anymore!
  10. Pfff I'm tired.

  1. Oh, he's crying again! What should we do now then?

  2. They say that babies sleep a lot? Has mine missed that memo?

  3. Please make this pain stop!

  4. Is he too hot? Is he too cold?

  5. I wish the midwife was here.

  6. How do I stay awake during the midwife's visit.

  7. Oh. He spits. Lovely.

  8. Maybe just sleep for a second....

  9. Ah, it's an hour and a half later! We have slept!

  10. I want to do all this again!

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