20 things that my toddler finds totally unreasonable

20 things that my toddler finds totally unreasonable

Life as a toddler is quite difficult: you may not stay up until ten o'clock in the evening. You can not choose your own food. In fact, adults are just Satan's devils. The following things are what my toddler thinks are totally unreasonable.

That he can not drink the bath water.

That the white bread has no sesame seeds today.

That he needs to eat broccoli.

That it's bedtime.

That he has to wear socks.

That they do not have sherbet at McDonald's.

That I also have to work for a few days a week.

That it's so hot.

That we wear shoes when we go out.

That he may have to drink from a pink cup.

That he can not pull down his pants ouside.

That he can not eat the box with cookies in the middle of the supermarket before we pay

That we can not eat fries every day.

That he can not give the rabbit unlimited sweets.

That he only read one story before going to sleep instead of half a book.

That he is not allowed to drive.

That he does not have beer.

That he does not have chocolate for dinner.

That he can not marry me.

That he gets peanut butter on his bread, even though he likes it!

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