20 things not to say to a woman near the due date

20 things not to say to a woman near the due date

Some things you just shouldn't say to a pregnant woman, especially when she's ready to drop....

"Still not here??"

"Everyone I know gave birth early"

"Be glad you're not in hospital yet!"

"Maybe you should start worrying"

"My friend's neighbour's sister's wife was pregnant for 41 weeks and suddenly the baby died"

"42 weeks? Are you sure that he is still alive? "

"Man, you do not want to know what might happen in those last few weeks."

"Wow, look at the size of that elephant baby in there"

"Good luck giving birth to your nine ton baby!"

"No painkillers? You're going to need them all."

"Good luck not pooping yourself"


"You look uncomfortable"

"Babies that late usually break their clavicle."

"I bet you don't want anymore, now."

"Dear oh dear, I'm glad I wasn't as late as you."

"Hopefully next time he's on time."

"I'm going to make an extra bed, baby, my mom would like to be with us when the baby comes."

"The birth plan doesn't go this far, aren't you scared"

"Have you tried eating spicy food?"

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